5 Best Gambling Movies Of All Time

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5 Best Gambling Movies Of All Time

Nothing brings together crime, mystery and comic relief quite like a good gambling film, and Guy Ritchie’s Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels is a classic example. With 8.2 stars at IMDb, it’s one of the highest-rated gambling-related movies, and it definitely https://filmthreat.com/features/top-5-gambling-movies-of-all-time-2/ lives up to the hype. If you are looking for a classic gambling film, look no further than The Cincinnati Kid. The movie walks us through the exploits of the Kid as he tries to cut a niche for himself in the gambling during the Great Depression.

However, as the story develops, you get to watch the gambling habits of many high-rollers, which is always good to watch. There are two versions of Ian Fleming’s story, but without doubt the most accomplished is director Martin Campbell’s take, starring Daniel Craig. Set at breakneck speed, the story follows James Bond as he takes on another villainous figure, this time in the form of the poker-playing, torture-inflicting Le Chiffre.

#83 Gambling Movie

This is a very addictive movie that you would not want to stop in the middle, even if you are binge-watching. It involves a math teacher who drives his students to explore the world of gambling. This movie deals with the role that math and science play in physical casinos. All gamblers would like watching this film as it is fast-paced and is a pickup story on true events.

  • A chastening experience quickly has him out of his savings and down on his knees, and only manager Bert Gordon’s relentless mentorship will take him somewhere to where he once was.
  • Gambling and casino movies have always fascinated people, almost as much as heist and mafia movies.
  • Jeff Bridges plays a depressed individual down on his luck but with one possible redeeming feature in his life; Seabiscuit, an apparently useless horse found by a cowboy trainer .
  • This comes to life later in the film, and shows you how a casino is opened, what is put in place and all of the work behind the scenes.
  • Eddie was curious to know what is in the bag, opens it up, and finds it has piles of cash.

A masterpiece any way you look at it, the Hustler is a story set in an age when gaming online was about as similar to mankind living on Mars in fact. Eddie Felson is the upstart with an attitude that tries to test his pool skills against the legend of Minnesota fats. A chastening experience quickly has him out of his savings and down on his knees, and only manager Bert Gordon’s relentless mentorship will take him somewhere to where he once was. This is one of those gambling movies that was built on us gambling with its heart right at the root of the pool-halls and backrooms. Aptly titled, the gambler tells the story of a university professor , who has a casino gambling problem. We see Caan’s character sink into self-destruction as the movie progresses and his emotional health grows more unstable.

#92 Gambling Movie

The film follows two friends who head underground to pay off debt they have accumulated by trying their luck at poker. Rather than following a player or multiple players here, you are following casinos and how they work in a bid to make money. Their end goal is a big money game in New Orleans, where they hope to play alongside some huge high-rolling players and win a life changing sum of money. George Clooney plays the con-man Danny Ocean who gathers a crew of old friends and new talent right after getting out of prison to join him in his plan to rob 3 casinos in one night.

top gambling movies

Together they threaten a high-flying crime manager that enjoys a good game and who is about a past swindle since Redford’s character from the beginning. gambling movies seldom include as many twists and turns as you can see here, when the ‘long con’ becomes even more difficult and a crescendo is hit by the risk thresholds for both characters. Finally, for a genuinely nail-biting, suspense-filled thriller, a thrilling denouement offers an sufficient payoff. Another movie with a host of decent performances, the Cincinnati Kid, starring steve McQueen, tells the story of an up-and-coming gambler, Lancey Howard, who pits his wits against the day’s high roller. Played with verve by Edward G. Howard, Lancey decides to take on McQueen, finding that only in backroom games with no real competition, the kid had made his mark. the guy is further hampered by a series of threats that threaten to overwhelm his chances, not least a stunning girl.

Boiler Room presents gambling of all sorts, sports, horses, and casino, for what it is, entertainment that only becomes an addiction in extreme circumstances. It does that by contrasting it with a more challenging to prove, harmful, and horrible practice that destroys lives, which is why Ben Younger’s 2000 classic is number one on our list. But the reason Boiler Room is number one isn’t because it shows the ills of gambling or how bookmakers perfect their business. Boiler Room is first on our list because it shows the stark contrast between shady Wall Street practices and sports betting and casino gambling.

As anyone knows, the basic film genres remain action, comedy, drama, fantasy, and horror. But with high demand, genres are oftentimes combined to meet the audience’s expectation. Much like The Hustler, there’s a great deal more to this film than the main theme. Indeed, many reviewers at the time of released compared it to The Hustler.

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